First Outdoor Adventure with Lolli and Tessa-Ann (2/5/22)

Dear Tessa-Ann,

I spent the night at your house last night. I got up at 5 AM. Mommy had just finished nursing you. She let me hold you so she could go back to sleep. The magic of early morning snuggles with a sleeping infant is magical. The silence of the house was only broken by your little sighs and breaths. This is treasured time that I do not take for granted.

You continued to sleep as time moved forward. Soon it was time for me to take your Uncle KJ to the restaurant so he could bus tables with his friend Jamison. Your mommy and daddy were sleeping so soundly, that I decided to take you with me. I secured you into your carseat, grabbed your mom’s car keys, clicked your seat into the base, left a note for your parents and drove off with you. You never said a word until I carried you into the house. At that point, all three dogs greeted you. The first to sniff you was Zelda, the GSD. The second was Sawyer, Aunt Payton’s labradoodle and my little Maltese mix, Asher. They were curious so they spent a minute sniffing and licking, then they moved on to other things. Their wet licks woke you up. You were not crying, only curious. I hope you develop a strong love for animals.

I called Uncle KJ to come on. He walked in to the room still in his pj bottoms. I looked at him like he was crazy. He gave me the same look. I thought he was late, instead, I was early! Oh well, that would give me time to take a quick shower. I left you in the carseat and placed the car seat in the bathtub. Don’t worry. I use that for storage in this rental house while our house finishes its renovations. You were mesmerized by something I could not see. By the way your eyes were tracking intently let me know your guardian angel, Grandma Tess was entertaining you! By the time I was dressed, you were not interested in anything but a dry diaper and the bottle of milk your mommy had pumped this morning. By the time you finished, Uncle KJ was ready to leave. We drove downtown, dropped him off and went back to your house. I could not believe that when we walked in, your parents were still asleep! Apparently you did not allow them to sleep last night. I know how valuable sleep is to new parents so I decided not to wake them. You had enough milk in your tummy to last another hour or two, so I bundled you up and took you for your first ride in the jogger stroller.

I pushed you to a little park that you soon will be playing on. Since you were too little for the swings, we walked around the marsh. It was foggy making it look haunted in a beautiful way. We continued walking. The road ended at the DNR property. It is beautiful! the property is surrounded by water. Though you slept, I showed you the harbor and the bridge. It too, was covered by patches of fog making it look eery. In the middle of the harbor was a tug boat pushing a barge. You won’t believe how big the barges really are. I think they are dredging in the harbor.

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