And now I am a Lolli (grandma)

Dear Tessa-Ann,

On February 6, 2022, a new title was bestowed upon me.  I honor my titles of daughter, wife, mom and aunt.  Your birth gave me the new and prestigious title of Lolli, aka Grandma! I will honor this name with unconditional love, laughter, tears, discipline along with many adventures.  There will be big responsibilities as we help each other grow, see and appreciate God’s love in everything.  You will make His love evident and shine even brighter as I watch the awe and wonder (even the exhaustion) of parental love through the eyes of your parents.  Your innocence will brighten my vision helping me see God as your pure love allows you to  experience Him with no biases in our common, everyday world. The excitement and love you are bringing to your Pops, Grandfather, Abuelo, great grandmas, uncles, aunts, aunties and cousins is a blessing to your family!  This task, coupled with the ginormous world, may seem daunting, but I know you can do it! You have Jesus in your heart, your guardian angel named Grandma Tess, mommy, daddy, Lolli-Pops and the rest of your huge, caring and protective family to hold your hand and guide you!

Welcome to the world little one.

I am excited to begin this Lolli-Pops journey with you!

I love you Tessa-Ann!

FA&E, (For Always and Ever)



Lolli and Pops are ready to begin adventures with you Tessa-Ann!
Lolli will always have your back!😊

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