A Beautiful Day!

I walked into memory care after being away for 3 days. Not knowing what I would find, I braced myself as the security doors opened. Looking straight ahead into the dining room, I saw no one, yet I heard a voice. It was mom! I turned to the right. Sitting on the little blue love seat were mom and a nurse. They were engaged in a conversation. The nurse looked up. Turning to mom, she said, ‘LeAnn your daughter is here.” Mom raised her head towards me and said, ‘Oh Lisa, you are back!” The nurse told me had had a good day even though she had eaten very little of her lunch. I told her today was the day she would get her hair cut. Mom was very excited! We looked at pictures showing different hair styles. Her favorite was a picture of long hair being modeled by Jaclyn Smith 10 years ago😁). I explained to mom that her hair was too short, but she could grow it out. I then showed her two pictures of styles similar to hers. She found the the one she liked, minus the grey hair on the model! I assured her she would only get a cut without the addition of grey hair.

Mom told Dewayne how pretty his chair was.❤️

Watching the excitement fill mom as she got in the chair to have her hair washed was priceless. After the washing, the chair was swiveled so she could watch the haircut form the mirror. Mom was a perfect client! She sat still, carried on a conversation and exclaimed what a wonderful job Dewayne was doing cutting her hair.

Her facial expression does not capture how excited she was to have her hair washed. Dewayne got extra points because the water was just right!
She wanted her dog, Joseph, to tag along
Hair spray was the final touch making her style complete.

She squealed when the session was done and she could look in all of the mirrors. It had been years since she had a professional hair style. She asked if we could go out. I told her when I returned from my doctor’s appointment, we would get the boys and go to dinner. I asked what she wanted. Her response was pizza!

Conversation with the children.
Mom wanted a thick pizza with meat.
Getting every biter!
She ate it all!

It was a beautiful day in mom’s world. I am thankful I got to be a part of it!

I love when her day ends on a happy note!

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day!

  1. Thank for sharing Liza , I am so happy to see LeAan , miss her a lots .Big hug & lots of love to you & LeAan❤️🌹❤️

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