Thirsty (12/30/19)

As I walked in, mom was finishing a game of Bingo. I don’t know how well she played. The cards and chips were being cleared as I sat down. I said,”Hi mom.” Without looking at me she greeted me with “You F****** Bitch!” I put my face in her line of vision (which was looking down and told her that I was not a FB, that I was her daughter and saying mean things was not nice! She focused in, made eye contact and said, “Hi Lisa!” I began thinking things were going to be ok until she put a blue poker chip (used for Bingo) in her mouth and clamped her lips tightly together! I asked her to spit it out. Like a defiant child, she shook her head NO! I was beginning to fear that it would be swallowed. Trying to get her to stop shaking her head, I asked if she were hungry. She held her head still and opened her mouth to tell me she was thirsty. I tried to get the chip from her, but in fear of loosing my finger by her powerful bite, I left her and ran to get water. I showed mom the cup while telling her I would not give it to her until she handed me the chip. She willingly complied and then guzzled the water. I got her a refill. She emptied the second cup, but not with the same desperation as the first! Why was mom allowed to get so thirsty?????

Mom was so thirsty, she tried to ‘drink’ a blue poker chip!

After drinking, mom was more coherent. She wanted to eat a snack. I took her in the dining hall where ice-cream was being served. As she ate, the PT came over to tell me how well mom did with her stretching exercises. I was thrilled! Our short walk into the dining room was easier. Her gait was not so crippled. Mom’s muscles had begun tightening in her hip and foot making walking painful and unsteady. Mom still has an awkward shuffle, but today it was not so rigid. I am optimistic that PT will make her not such a fall risk.

Mom ate every last bite of her vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and a cherry!

The funny ending today was mom’s attire. I loved her outfit, especially since she was color coordinated. The problem was, it did not belong to her! I am not sure whose closet mom had been ‘shopping’ in, but they have nice clothes! (Mom has nice outfits too, the problem is mom discards her clothing throughout the facility…)

Mom opted for a coordinating outfit, verses shoes! I will take bare feet over a bare body any day of the week!